Monday, April 11, 2016

"102 people in 5h and 45 min" - week 52

(written March 29, 2016)

GUESS WHAT!!! we may have not had 100 bombs but we do have pamphlets and soeur winter and i went out yesterday and contacted 102 people in 5h and 45 min got all their numbers and told them if we can see them again we can give them a book of mormon and ITS WAS SO COOL!!! it was just so perfect because yesterday it was a holiday and EVERYONE was at the beach so we went to the beach and just destroyed talked to literally everyone sat down next to random people sitting down with their families and it was the best experience i have every day EVER i will never forget yesterday we ended the day with 106 contacts. thank you so much for sharing that with me if you didn't i would have never had it in my mind to go out and try to reach that oh my goodness i love you dad!! any others we can try beating?? lol right now were working on getting the most member lessons record. and more importantly trying to help the people here truly repent. its been a truly amazing experience. i have learned so much about repentance here.

This week WAS SO GOOD!!! they're kicking us off im so sorry im just gonna write you a hand written letter of what happened this week anyway much love!! driggs :) 


Soeur Winter's email:

 sister driggs and I decided to make a goal this past monday to contact over 100 people in one day just us two hahaha because yesterday was a holiday here everyone goes to the beach and eats crab and just hangs out hahhah! SOOO we decided thanks to an idea sister driggs dad gave to her to contact 100 people in one day hahah everyone laughed at us and didnt think it was possible but we prayed and prayed and prayed some more ahhahah and finally monday came and we were all pumped we woke up at 4 am to do all our studies and then went to district meeting then ate in the car...its started to pour rain like POUR rain and we prayed to have it clear up so that we could contact all our new friends, then the rain cleared up!!!! we prayed to know what beach to go to so we went there and we started the day at 1 o clock contacting non stop just until we got 100 booom after many many many conversations and about 5 hours and 45 minutes of contacting we ended with 1 lesson taught and 106 CONTACTS!!! we did it!!!!! then we had extra time left over so we had a lesson with a less active and for the first time she said she will come to church and she prayed in the lesson it was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so grateful for my comp sister driggs who will just do these crazy fun things with me :) 
 also finally another less active we teach her name is joanie the members have been trying to help her come back for a few month without much success and she came to church SUNDAY!!!! we also saw her today and shes coming to church this sunday to!!!!!!!!!!!! best week ever!!!!!!
 also today was our p day and we went to this awesome place and you have to walk through the water and then you walk out to this beautiful island and so that was the coolest thing!!!
 I love martinique with all my heart and missionary work with all my heart its the best thing i have ever done in my life and it is the best way possible to prepare for the rest of your life! im so grateful for our savoir jesus christ and that because of what he did for us that we can have a better life! As you study the atonement you start to better understand why his sacrifice was important for you!!! i would encourage you all to study the atonement and figure out how you can more fully use it in your life!!!! send me the answers that you receive!!! i love you all have a greta week!!!
soeur winter

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