Monday, April 11, 2016

"house gets real smokey... " - week 53

(written April 4, 2016)

WHAT!!! oh my goodness when are they getting married (Audrey & Austin)?? thats wild!! 

Okay mom this week was so good!! monday was so good. never felt more accomplished in my entire life lol talking to just 2000 people lol 

We did exchanges again this week with Soeur Covey and Soeur Gomez mom Soeur Gomez is from Guatemala when you went there where did you live??? It was such a good experience working with them. I am always so impressed with the faithfulness and faith of these other sisters. Its incredible and they all just have this huge desire to do missionary work! and are just so firm in their faith. I feel like i have never learned so much in my life. Especially how much Christ loves each one of us. And i loved in Conference how important it is to be obedient and remember christ in all things. HE never forgets us and we need to remember him to think of him more often. And to be truly obedient in keeping his commandments.  I donno that hit me really good, anyhow when we are more obedient we accumulate more light within us because we are coming closer to christ. oh my goodness i loved conference. 

Also!! in one of the talks i realized that i need to be a nurse like just confirming feelings. i donno when you register for school but if you could could you look into schools in cali orange county area and arizona lol and utah of corse!! Soeur winter and i want to live together for forever hahaha im thinking ill stay in utah but just in case. ;) anyway I LOVE YOU!!! 

did you get the pictures??? 

We burned skirts in the shower... maybe not the best idea but it was fun lol i dont recommend it to anyone though. house gets real smokey... 

this is soeur gomez!!! we did exchanges this week it was awesome:) she's an amazing missionary! 

soeur snow is in the photo with me that was our exchange two weeks ago!!! she's from tahiti i donno how to spell it... lol 

and this crazy photo of soeur winter and I was taken monday.. after we just spent all day at the beach contacting probably talked to 20000 people!! but we beat dads record so it was worth it ;)

we are jumping over a sun dial supper cool. 

this is soeur Pluton she totally reminds me of grandma crump!! she's my grandma here lol she works with us all the time!! she loves it and we love her:) 

DAD this was the guy we contacted on your birthday lol i told him it was your birthday and that you fish and i asked if i could get a photo with him. he agreed happily lol 

...sorry it took so long to send photos!!

photos courtesy of soeur winter:

sister martials birthday we surprised her :)

best breakfast ever!! egg by my bestfriend soeur driggs!

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