Monday, April 11, 2016

"they use machete's here lol" - week 49

(written March 7, 2016)

MOM this week was so good and we got our transfer calls saturday im staying here with soeur winter they said its probably my last transfer here :( that made me real sad i love it here!! so were just gonna kill this transfer lol before i forget can you send me some of that facewash again?? the panolyx stuff lol i dont think i spelled that right and some makeup from bare minerals light 2 concealer its in a small round thing its like a cream? kinda lol and then eyeshadow i left some at home just the brow pallet annd then mascara you wouldnt believe how expensive makeup is here. i never wore it before but i have to know cuz we go to meetings and i gotta look nic lol also!!! we made a game plan with a member to do an easter activity with her family and like all their friends!! they dont do easter egg hunts here so if you could send some easter eggs that would be SO COOL like maybe 100 of them they dont know what it is here and we want to do something fun with all the kids. sorry i know thats kinda a lot if no not a problem we can figure something else out :)
anyway this week was so good!! we have seen so many miracles every week so we saw colette yesterday and had a lunch with her and her son started reading in the BOOK OF MORMON!! he sat down with us said how his mom is so much more happy since she began meeting with us and going to church and that he would like that!!! so cool weve started teaching him. And then there is this less active here he served with his wife in the temple in germany for a few years and now he is less active but his wife is very active lol and the missionaries havent been able to teach him but we saw him the other day cuz we finally made those cookies with the cookie mix you sent us for christmas and he was like cookies? lol so we ate with him and are going to start helping him in the garden SO EXCITED gardening here is not like gardening back at home they use machete's here lol and lots of other cool lookin things lol its so fun!! and he started re reading in the scriptures oh my goodness it was amazing. anyway this week was good!! LOVE YOU:)
have a good week!! 
soeur driggs
oh and here is a fun poem

There is a poem that says:
“Sow a thought, reap an act;
Sow an act, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap an eternal destiny.”

dynamic duo!

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