Monday, April 11, 2016

"so there is this thing called the jugglier" - week 46

(written Feb. 15, 2016)

mom i just want to let you know how much your emails mean to soeur winter and all that you do for her we were talking the other day and she just goes I LOVE YOUR MOM i dont even know her but i love her i love that she emails me and she began to cry and your emails all the little things you do mean so much!! i dont even think you realize it but they do. so thanks so much :) i love you!! hope to be like you one day your such a good example to be of being truly good without guile! I LOVE YOU:):) xoxo

hahahaha thats awesome im sure that was so fun :):) wow third place!!!! thats insane. shes so smart i love you boo!!(brinley got 3rd place in a BYU high school student writing contest) oh man im gonna have to have tate teach me one day (snow boarding) lol is it still snowing up there??? its still real toasty down here lol

so this week was so good!! we had the soeurs from Guyana come up this week so soeur jacobsen and soeur gomez!! they are so cute!! so soeur gomez is from guatemala so if boo want to pratice little spanish i know she would love a letter from her lol but we saw so many miracles!!! 

so there is this thing called the jugglier. I LOVE IT. its the best way to teach the restoration im gonna explain me first experience using it. so we found this single mom with 5 kids and soeur jacobsen and i were like... lets try the jugglier. so you lay out pictures in a certain fashion and it just makes the restoration make sense! so we did it. 
ok at the end of this lesson her kids who are about 20 18 17 somewhere around there were like ..."mom am i baptized? will i be able to live with god again??" another kid... "hold up! so your tellin me that no other church has the proper authority of god on earth..." another "i am concerned and confused how do i know if this is true??" IT WAS SO COOL never have i taught the restoration in my entire mission where the people i was teaching just understood exactly what i was trying to tell them. Im gonna teach goob this before he peaces out cuz ITS AMAZING seriously. they want to learn more about the church asked if your church had a website and all that we invited them to come to church so this sunday exciting things will happen lol 

anyway LOVE YOU!!! have a good week :)

Soeur Winter's email:

 this sunday there was a group of 6 americans at church hahah they were on a cruise these super cute old people and they said well we had one day here and we needed to come to church so they did!!! Me and soeur driggs translated all of church for them IT WAS THE COOLEST EXPERIANCE EVER!!!! I LOVE TRANSLATING!!!!!! hahahhahahaha yaya it was super fun and it really made me reflect on the progress that i have made in french!!! its wicked awesome!!!!
   we also have a couple other families that we are teaching please keep them in your prayers!!! its luke and ariel, erick and sandrine, donald and his wife, virgina and her sons!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FAMILIES!!!! this gospel is perfect for indivuals and for families!! also i couldnt be more happy to be spending this transfer with soeur driggs shes amazing and its like I HAVE ALYSA HERE WITH ME!!! she is my constant support with the lord and she is just a stellar missionary i love her so much and we both just want to work really hard and follow the spirit for everything we have prayed so much this transfer its been such a blessing I LOVE HER!!!!

BIRTHDAYSSSSS!!!! happy birthday to me and elder ikiaha  Soeur Winter

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