Monday, April 11, 2016

"oh boy dont remember how to spell that.." - week 50

(written March 14, 2016)

;;;yess bread is delicious i actually dont have time to write today... we got on emails way to late but tell dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and the bread looks delicious!! also do you know how to make zuckinie bread?? oh boy dont remember how to spell that.. anyway this weeks was so good ill tell you more about it next week but i love you :):) and her (collette) son walked inside the church building last week!!! miracle were going to make bread with him tomorrow morning and teach him a little more lol im excited!! annnd we are going to go gardening this wednesday!!! so excited :):) anyway i love you!! have a good week :):)

love driggs

also before i forget one of the members here she is trying to make teddy bears but she needs eyes for them i told her you work in a craft store do you happen to have any eyes that she could use?? that you could send out?? eyes for a teddy bare?? shes so cute you will meet her one day and she freaked when i told her you worked in a fabric store lol also i sent you a letter about faith!! annd for this transfer wanna study love and charity?? we got 5 weeks left ;) also could you send rasberry spread?? one of the return missionaries here misses her mission a ton and just wants rasperry spread?? if not possible no big deal lol anyway i love you!!!

hahaha yeah i do :) its gonna be a good study this transfer!! :) sorry i dont really have time to write more :( but i love you!!! and dont worry i am still collecting!! also can i buy cook books here?? there just a little more expensive...but real authentic stuff ANND i found a nativity thing!!! with a coconut and everything :):) so i bought it lol 


today we contacted someone fishing annd he was so rad he invited us to go fishing with him some time but we said we couldnt lol annnd then we took pictures with him and some cool fish!! dont have time to send you photos today but i will next week!! >I LOVE YOU!! have a  good week :) 

photo courtesy of soeur winter:

the coins

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